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about - overview of different services we offer
Research & Development

We develop and transform ideas into software prototypes. Through our selection of tools, environment and programming languages, we can significant reduce the lead time of creating prototypes.

Making raw data intelligent:
We believe there is a high potential to utilize the strenght of intelligent data.

RPA - Robot Process Automation:
We guide you through the process of identifiying and analyzing what the robot should do. We follow you through the complete test phase until it is time to take the robot in production.

IoT - "Internet-of-Things":
Wherever you are in the process of building your IoT ideas, we can support you with valuable expertize.

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Machine learning analyzes repetitive actions and can suggest improvements. AI is being utilized to inject a layer of intelligence where the AI engine can, if you choose, make own decisions.

Welcome to Premisit Group.
Your partner in evolvement of ideas.

We offer services within a range of different areas.

For the moment we have launched our "Digital Agency",
providing web production services within:

- Design
- Development
- Integration
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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Founded in 2017 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Premisit Group specializes in various services.

Our name, Premisit, stems from the latin word meaning "ahead" or "forward", serving as a symbol of our cause to always keep up in the advent of new and emerging technologies.

We achieve our level of knowledge and competence through our continual investment and believe in research & development.

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We are now live with service: Digital Agency.

Our ambitition is to have both standard and tailored services.

Our planned service areas:
- Media - Digital agency
- IT Consultant Services
- R&D
- Fintech
- Education